Water-wise tips for event venues

Planning an event is stressful in and of itself. Making sure that everything runs smoothly, going off without a hitch, is difficult, but somehow you get it done. There is one aspect that is often forgotten about when hosting an event at your venue, and that is the amount of water you will possibly use for the event to be a success.

You can speak to water treatment companies for access to their water for your event, or you could speak to their experts for tips. If you have an event coming up at your venue, read on below for some water-wise tips to make it a fabulous affair.

Perform a water audit

One of the most effective ways to save water in any venue is to perform a water audit. A water audit will let you know how much water you are using, where the water is being used and if there are any leaks on your property.

By doing a water audit, you will be able to decrease your water usage and install water-saving implements in your venue. These include aerators on taps, a low-flow toilet system as well as low-flow shower heads if you offer rooms for guests. Find any leaks and have them fixed as soon as possible to avoid excess water usage.

Use your influence

You can use your influence as the event venue to your advantage. Encourage attendees to take water conservation personally. You could limit the amount of water bottle refills at a fountain to three per person or to 750 ml size bottles, or you could place delectably fragranced hand-sanitisers in goodie bags for guests to use instead of washing their hands with water.

Another unique way to encourage water saving at your event is to give away goodie bags filled with water-saving tools, such as shower timer for them to use when showering at your venue (and at home) or a reusable water bottle so that they can keep refilling without creating more waste. Be sure to brand everything with your specific branding and ensure that every guest receives a bag.

Change up your menu

If you speak to any water treatment companies, they will tell you that the food industry uses more water than we actually think. This means that some cooking methods are more wasteful than other, such as boiling, poaching and steaming.

At your events, instead of serving food that has been boiled, poached or steamed, you can opt for dishes that are grilled or baked. Instead of simply pouring unsalted cooking water away, use it to water your grounds or to water the kitchen’s veggie patch. Look for exciting and unique ways to cook without using water, such as a spinach and feta pie or chicken kebabs for guests to nibble on.

Recycle water bottles left after meetings

If you are hosting a conference, there are bound to be water bottles left behind afterwards. Instead of simply throwing these half-full bottles of water away, you can use the water to fill up mop buckets for the cleaning staff or to fill up toilet cisterns after a busy day of use.

These bottles can be properly sanitised and reused in other ways, too. You could fill them with water after poking holes in them and use them to water your gardens. By reusing the water in the bottles and the bottles themselves, you are not only conserving water but you are contributing to saving the environment too. Be sure that you do not reuse the bottles more than three to five times, as plastic can become moldy and cause some health problems.

Check your suppliers

As an event venue, you most likely have outside suppliers for a number of things. In order to maintain your water conservation efforts, you will need to be sure that all of your suppliers are practising waterwise efforts.

Ask your fruit and vegetable providers what their farming techniques are (organic farming is high on the list water conservation techniques) and if you offer rooms for the night, opt for linens from companies that use water-saving methods to produce their fabrics. By ensuring that your suppliers are also striving towards saving water, the journey will become easier for you, and you will be making a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

Save the planet one party at a time

Event venues can save water too. You can contribute to a positive impact on the environment with a few simple tweaks of what you are already doing. Performing a water audit will give you insight into how much water you really use, allowing you to come up with solutions to reducing this.

You can use your influence to encourage guests to embrace your water saving methods, and speak to water treatment companies about converting your brackish water into usable water for cleaning. The possibilities are endless and if the result is helping to save water, you should try anything at least once.