How to run a green business

Every business wants to present itself as being a good one; but more importantly, it needs to be. Yet, questioning what it means to be an ethical business is an on-going process: whether this means examining hiring policies, equipment purchases and indeed waste management. All these matter, but we should also consider the ongoing problem of being a green business.

Computers, for example, are renowned users of energy. But we can manage their energy output, by for example making a habit of shutting them down when they’re not in use, activating function like automatic sleep and so on. This also benefits the business in terms of keeping energy costs lower, since you’re, by definition, using less electricity.

No doubt summer months are torturous, but consider your use of aircons. Though you can always opt to have blinds, keep windows open and so on, you might still use air conditioners. Green Home has some useful tips in using them efficiently: “The less demand you put on a system, the less energy you’ll squander and the longer your unit will last.” Continue reading “How to run a green business”