Future home technologies

Not so long ago, the idea of appliances that could freeze or heat food would’ve appeared like magic to our ancestors. Today, we unthinkingly use this incredible technology to feed ourselves and create more comfortable life-styles. Leaps in technology mean leaps in our conceptual thinking: the technology of tomorrow is, for most us, not even in our wildest dreams – since most of us don’t have the forethought and ingenuity to even consider such great strides in innovation.

Consider some examples currently in concept design.

Bio Robot Refrigerator by Yuriy Dmitriev

Using biopolymer gel through luminescence, this fridge would not operate under the same methods as traditional fridges: There are no doors for one. Instead, a lime green, non-sticky gel coat would allow users to merely deposit items into it, allowing the fridge through its biopolymers, to keep the items cool.

The device can be turned on its side or upright, depending on spatial requirements. What’s incredible about the device is not merely its aesthetic brilliance but its usefulness. No cleaning out of ice, worry of shelves, and smells. We can look forward to such devices in 2050, assuming it gets put into production.

The device concept received wide-spread coverage and admiration.

In-home Clothing Printer by Joshua Harris

Clothing production comes to the home, getting rid of a need for closets and wardrobes.  By using currently existing technology, the printer can use designs of clothes tailored for the user herself. 3D printing is already occurring and it would be simply a matter of tailoring (no pun intended) the technology for clothes making. As the world becomes more interconnected, clothes designs can and will be shared to be worn, measured to the specifications of the individual.

This would make more, not less, opportunities for those interested in the clothing industry. True, if it became incredibly popular it might eliminate the need for actual weavers and makers, but it would also create new jobs, which require new skills, in an ever-advancing world. Emails may have replaced (normal) mail for most of us, but that doesn’t mean the elimination of post-offices and postal carriers.

Eco Cleaner by Ahi Andy Mohsen

This portable dishwasher is made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). It is also a “composter that uses ultrasonic waves to ionise food and turn it in to reusable waste”.  It was designed with the prediction that more food will be in capsule form and there will be a need to reduce time to do chores.

These devices all presume that we own a house – which we can thanks to thoughtful home loans – but is also presuming that technology manages to catch up. However, technology needs something to catch up to and, if these designs are any indication, our future will be an incredible one.