Locking down our concerns for the world

We don’t  want to use up half a forest just to feel secure; we don’t want to drain a mine to maintain a sense of security in our own homes. There are, however, alternatives. We’ve already considered some methods on this before. But there are some actual products that, in themselves, contribute to living an eco-aware and environmentally-friendly life.


One of the key areas where we can have an already in-built focus for living a greener life is caring about what goes into the products we use. This is why we can do most of our eco-focused purchasing by simply being aware of what’s going into the products we need. We don’t need to avoid the products, then, just get those products made with specific, environmentally-friendly or green properties.

For example: “Rocky Mountain Hardware of… Idaho [in the US] handcrafts an extensive line of solid bronze door hardware that contains a minimum of 72% recycled content (50% post-consumer). This collection includes levers; knobs; passage, privacy, entry, patio, push/pull, & multi-point sets; sliding and screen door hardware; and even door accessories like knockers, hinges, escutcheon plates, and kick plates for residential, commercial, and hospitality applications.”

The variety of application should make this an exciting prospect for all concerned. There’s no need to only go to Rocky Mountain Hardware in America. But just consider when you’re looking for anyone hardware related, whether builders in Johannesburg or locksmiths in Cape Town, you should try consider what goes into the products they’ll be using.


Or consider entire systems, too. Increasingly, security companies are using greener products since companies as a whole are all using more eco-friendly products. After all, as numerous business innovators have indicated, going green makes business-sense, too: you use up less energy, you use sometimes cheaper material, and for longer, etc.

Furthermore, with companies using wireless technology and communication devices, they do not need more manpower or vehicles to drive to locations to maintain security. Thus, digital communication and monitoring has had enormous benefits to maintaining security and being eco-friendly.

Being conscious has always been the more difficult choice – but doing the moral thing is hardly ever easy. Nevertheless, it’s important to see just what being better means in terms of being eco-friendly and showing ourselves, and hopefully others, just how much more we benefit from taking conscious steps. The benefits are there and aren’t just window-dressing for making the world a little bit better, for making a smarter, sometimes cheaper choice.