Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Buy

The world is currently being driven by two forces: technology and environmental issues. Technology is being driven to find smarter, faster and cheaper ways to connect people, while the environmental issues attempt to make shape societies thinking towards green living. What if we were to combine those two thought processes? Would the result be a complete disaster, or could we – as a society – benefit from green technology?

Here are five eco-friendly gadgets to use for the environment:

Energy Saving Television Set: A television is vital for most South African families. In fact, a large portion of loans South Africa, are for television sets. A television rage of Energy Star television sets provide energy economical choices that conserve up to 40 percent of energy compared to non-energy efficient models.

Eco-Friendly Laptops: For most people, we send an email or write a note on a laptop more than we use a pen and piece of paper. Laptops are easy to use, able to travel with us and gives you access to any and every piece of information you require. Eco-friendly laptops are similar to regular laptops, except they use less power and are powered for longer.

Solar Powered Battery: Every digital device we own has a battery. Your cellphone, laptop, iPod and camera all run off batteries. Instead of using batteries that cost money to recharge, why not buy energy efficient batteries. These batteries recharge when you leave them in the sun and are ideal for the sunny climate in South Africa.

A Water Clock Imagine a clock completely powered by water. A water clock does not require electricity or batteries and can easily be transported. There is a memory chip in the clock which will beep when you need to add water. Adding water will prevent the clock from losing time or switching off.

Green Speakers: We all love the movies for the surround sound effect. Why not install the same surround sound setup in the comfort of your own home. These green speakers are able to connect to most devices and come complete with a docking station for your iPhone or iPod. These speakers are created from lead, cadmium and chemical adhesives. In addition, the packaging is additionally made from completely recycled materials and is absolutely reusable.

Move into the world of green gadgets with these five energy savers. They will not only improve your green rating, but also save you a few rands.