Automation Turns Security Green

With all the technology advancements in recent years, modern living has become easier and easier. People are now able to turn on the lights and television or play music through the stereo system with one touch of a button on your smart phone, and all from the comfort of your living room couch.

However, this technology does not stop there. Home automation – smart homes – also allows you to control your home’s features while on holiday or at the office – as these systems work via an app on your smartphone or tablet. So whether you are away for a day, a week or a month, home automation allows you to control everything from the lights and temperature monitors to your access control design home security system.

One feature that has been around for a long time is motion sensors. These sensors are a fantastic security tool and one that is easy to control using a home automation feature. You are able to switch sensors on and off via your smartphone or tablet without having to compromise your security. For instance: picture this, the garden services has a regular 10am slot at your house on a Monday morning. However, you are at work, so what do you do, you leave the side gate unlocked and the motion sensors off. This is a serious security risk as now anyone can walk around your home during the day.

However, a smart home allows you to activate the motion sensors around the house until 10am and then disable to for the duration of the garden service visit. Once they leave, you are able to reactivate your motion sensors. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about being vulnerable to intruders.

Motion sensors are the homes most basic automation features. Although they have been in use for some time, they continue to provide homeowners with an effect security solution without the worry of wasting electricity.

Other security systems can help reduce the electricity that you use. For instance, using remote controls with outlet timers can control your systems without you having to worry about your electricity bill. In fact, you could reduce your electricity consumption by between 40-60% with home automation systems.

Smart homes are cheaper on the pocket and better for the environment, without compromising your security. So make the switch over and make your home a little greener.