Teach Your Children Eco-Friendly Habits

Contributing to the sustainability of our environment – even just a little bit – can make a huge difference in the long-run. By practising environmentally conscious practices, you can do just that. To make a real difference, we need to involve those around us and who better than starting with our own children. After all, it is easy to instil good values/principles when they are young.

Teaching your children good environment practises starts with you. Here are some ways to instil good habits into your young ones:

Set a good example: You cannot tell your child one thing and do another. For instance, you cannot tell your child to exercise and eat health when you do the exact opposite. As a parent, you are the role model in their lives. They tend to mimic your actions. So if you want them to turn the lights off in unoccupied rooms, unplug appliances or conserve water, you need to do so yourself. When your children see you doing something positive, they will do it as well.

Plant a garden: Planting a garden can help you teach your children a number of valuable lessons. It teaches them how to save money on groceries, eat organically and be more environmentally-conscious. Furthermore, preparing and planting a garden can also help teach your children how Mother Nature works and give them a greater appreciation for food.

Reuse, recycle and reduce: You need to implement these three principals into your daily lifestyle. Instead of buying new shopping bags every time you visit the grocery store, be sure to take reusable green bags to lower your carbon footprint. At home, do not simply throw out used containers, but rather recycle them into green bins. Finally, reduce your use of non-recyclable products by buying environmentally-friendly products.

Energy savings projects at home: Once of the best ways to instil energy savings concepts in your children is to create energy savings projects at home. Show your children how to install eco-friendly light bulbs and solar panels. Make a game of creating energy savings projects at home and teach your kids in a fun and educational manner.

Visit a landfill: Visit your nearest landfill so that your kids can see first-hand what happens to all of our waste products. Explain how conserving, reusing and recycling can contribute to decreasing out waste output. When you return home, review proper waste management practices that they will remember throughout life.

Teaching your children eco-friendly habits is important for the conversation of our environment. As a parent, you are their mentor so be sure that you implement environmentally-conscious practices at home and at work.