Green Technology Innovations

The poor economy and a collective awareness of the limited resources available to the world are encouraging people to invest in green technology. Research has that the two major reasons why company’s go green is to cut costs and save the environment. Economic realities and environmental commitments have spurred businesses to invest in green technologies and practices to boost the bottom line and appeal to increasingly eco-conscious customers. Here are some green technologies that have big potential and are already making an impact:

Telemedicine: No matter where they live, patients now have access to medical specialists, thanks to secure, high-speed networks the enable telemedicine. As a result, people can also dramatically reduce hours spent driving and flying to see specialists, curbing emissions and fuel usage. Telemedicine is a solution that helps save lives, without costly, time-consuming and gas-guzzling travel.

Climate Savers: Climate Savers computing initiate is a non-profit group of eco-conscious consumers and businesses that aim to promote development, deployment and adaption of smart technologies. The aim is to improve efficiency of computer’s power delivery and reduce the energy consumed during active states. This could potentially reduce global CO2 emissions from computers by 54 million tons annually – equivalent to the yearly output of 11 million vehicles.

Telecommunications: Once a perk of small percentage of jobs, a growing number of companies have adopted telecommuting as a cost-effective, productivity-boosting business resource. This type of systems integration and management has allowed employees to work from home with access to the internet, corporate intranets and other internal resources required to run your business. In turn, telecommuting enables fewer vehicles to be on the road, making it better for the environment.

E-readers: As people turn to e-readers and tablets – iPad, Kindle and Nook – for their morning paper, reading books and magazines, the consumption of paper is starting to slow down. As an example:  is a post office in the United States of America, the company has saved 10 million sheets of paper just by switching job offers from paper to online hiring systems. Furthermore, they moved all paper based work online. These two moves reduced their overall consumption by 1.8 million sheets a month – which equates to 2 000 trees a year.

Smart packaging: Smart packaging has seen a reduction in big bulky boxes, with companies opting to use smaller and recyclable products instead. In addition, technology companies are offering products via downloads, allowing you instant access to the product over the internet, without the use of shipping costs and environmental damages.

Green technology is allowing us to not only move forward in the technology world, but also become more aware of the environment. This way you can get the best products and services, without worrying about damaging the environment.