Become a Smart Driver

Are you not ready or able to trade your old car in for a new green one? Here is some simple ways to make your daily drive a little greener:

Service your car regularly: In order to go green, you just need to take your cars in for regular services. Much the same as we need to see doctors on a regular basis, vehicles need to see mechanics. A recent study in the United States of America found that people who service their cars on a regular basis – every 10 000 kilometres – used 211 litres of petrol a year less. This equates to 130 kilograms of greenhouse gases for each conscientious driver.

Loose the extra weight: When people look to burn more calories, we strap weights onto our bodies and go for a run – picture the rugby team carrying truck tyres up and down hills. A vehicle works in a similar way, the more weight you add onto the car, the more fuel it burns – meaning it is less efficient. Ensure that you remove the unnecessary luggage – bags in boats, bicycle racks and roof racks – to lighten your load and improve your fuel consumption.

Slow down: According to the AA, the faster you drive the more petrol you use. Instead of racing up to 120km/h and then occasionally pushing past that, ensure that you slow down. By driving at 110km/h, you can save between 5-10% on your fuel consumption. While driving at 100km/h will see you save between 10-15%.

Roll down the windows: With summer on the way, we are all tempted to roll up the windows and put on the air-conditioning system. However, by doing this you not only increase your carbon footprint, but also your fuel consumption. By driving, in traffic, with your air-conditioning system on, you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 25%.

Tighten your fuel cap: Next time you fill up your car, be sure to check your fuel cap is fastened properly. A poorly-fitted or missing fuel cap can reduce your fuel economy by as much as 5%.

Use these five tips to help you become a smart and environmentally-conscious driver. So next time you see signage for automotive industry telling you about the petrol price, you can smile knowing you’re your vehicle is driving further for less.