Green ways to decorate in summer

Summer is the perfect time to make your outside spaces more vibrant, fun and welcoming. This is the time to take stock of what we’ve acquired and built, so that we can either improve or remove unnecessary items. The question is how do we go about doing this while also being mindful of the environment and taking steps to be greener.

The first obvious way is to focus on those items you can get rid of, by recycling. Here instead of needlessly just putting your garbage into the bin, you can find alternatives either with the items themselves or find proper ways to recycle them.

Outside lighting can be wonderful, but you should consider the importance of having lights on at all times. Either learn to turn them off when they’re not necessary or have timers, for when you are away or might forget. Controlling the lighting in the house in general can do wonders for being more environmentally friendly.

If you want to take pro-active responses to your garden, rather consider what you’re putting in the outside spaces. A good idea is wooden garden furniture rather than most other materials. Wood is better for the environment in a number of ways. As Teal Jones points out:

“Wood is the only 100% renewable resource in the manufacturing of building products.

“Wood is the only naturally recyclable and biodegradable building material.

“Wood has the lowest environmental impact compared to other building products such as steel, concrete, tile, vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, and stucco.”

Thus this doesn’t stop you acquiring furniture and, indeed, can mean you do better by the environment than if you had done nothing.

Otherwise, you can kill two birds with one stone by using furniture and items from your interior to decorate outside; that clears up space inside and gives you items to decorate outside.

Another fun project to start in summer is to consider water recycling systems that you can build yourself. Instructables has one that might be suitable for most homes, though you can always try search for ones that are more appropriate – perhaps fitting a style.