The big issue facing agriculture in 2016

The world is dependent on food. There’s no way to downplay the importance of this fact. The industry we rely on for food, agriculture, then becomes one of the most important sectors anyone should care about. Unfortunately, no one has total control over how agriculture operates and no one can prevent any pitfalls threatening and harming the industry.

It’s important, however, to consider what is facing agriculture in order to better respond and to be better prepared should it happen again.


Agriculture isn’t merely local, but international. What happens to one country’s industry will drastically affect what happens to another’s. This is why, regardless of which country we live in, America’s agricultural status matters to everyone.

Writing in The Hill, Kathryn Boor summarises the global issue about farming. At no other time in history, have people been more connected – thanks, mainly, to the internet. This has created an international food network, sharing ideas and technology, finding ways to help and learn from each other.

But this also comes at a time when we’ve had more people, and therefore more people to feed, than ever before.

“We will need to feed more people … with fewer farmers, and we can only do that through the development of critical technologies that rely upon strong partnerships to support transformative research; a new workforce attracted to agricultural careers; and partnerships with the public to ensure that our citizens support adoption of innovative technologies into our agricultural systems.”

In her article, she highlights the drastic drop in students learning about farming. This will mean fewer investments – in terms of money, energy and time – into improving farming. Everyone loses out because little will be put into this important area.

A solution

Technology is being developed constantly, but this doesn’t negate that there is an issue of education. We can still do better and the troubling drop in students and education opportunities should be troubling to anyone.

Of course, businesses themselves could invest by securing agricultural finance to purchase necessary technology. In this way, people can learn about new technology while on the job and provide an education for future workers.

Other ways, businesses can help supply funds for education directly. All of this is aimed at helping feed our planet and keeping us healthy. If we don’t care about how we’re feeding ourselves, we could end up harming ourselves and the planet itself.