Importance of green cars

When an army is taking charge of how to combat pollution and working on ways to reduce the impact to environment, it’s time to pay attention. As Slashgear reports:

“General Motors (GM) has announced that it has teamed up with the US Army to put a Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 truck that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell into testing. The truck will be used for ‘extreme off-road’ action according to GM. The truck will be in testing for 12 months with the Army.”

The hydrogen fuel cells are appealing because of the very “high low-end torque capability” and “the fact that the fuel cell can also create electricity that can be used for other military needs.” This means less reliance on other energy creators since you’ll be using one cell to do many things. This saves on cost and environmental impact, reducing emissions.

This should not be surprising to those who already know Chevrolet, however. For example, many pre owned Chevrolets are already focused on being green and eco-friendly. Take the Silverado, renowned the world-over as a powerful, multi-purpose vehicle. There is already another version: the Silverado Hybrid. As GM Certified Pre-Owned states: “Its advanced powertrain is designed to be eco-friendly while providing the capability you’d expect from Silverado.”

Automakers have realised that this is the future due to a global concern; that customers want to feel they are making a difference to the world in their buying choices. It helps marketing to be able to say that you are purchasing a product that is actually helping. Too often, we expect people to just do the right thing because “it’s the right thing” – but it needs to be about small changes that can provide incentive and reasons to support certain perspectives. For example, a main problem with green eco-friendly cars is that they tend to be expensive, but as Bill Fay, general manager for Toyota brand sales in the United States, said, as summarised by Reuters: “a concerted public-private push is needed to build more refueling stations.”

Quoting him, Fay said:

“We need the government to support the investment in this and we hope that Honda and Hyundai will be coming in and provide some support…Then I think we have some critical mass to build from and take off from there.”

Everyone wants the world to be better; but many of us still require vehicles to do our jobs. This need no longer be a conflict, but it will take a strong push from many sides to make it work.