Are digital signs eco-friendly?

Owning a busin"Times Square"ess presents lucrative rewards to the risk-braving entrepreneur, but it sometimes boils down to the simple things when seeking to reap in these rewards. It can be as simple as proper signage. Being visible to prospective customers is key to generating business at the end of the day. We live in a time where a strong emphasis is placed on digital technologies, but at the same time all businesses have a responsibility toward the environment. That gives way for an important question, are digital signs eco-friendly?

If you are considering installing signage using LED technology, then yes, they are eco-friendly – for a number of reasons. Businesses the world over are opting to install electronic message centers (EMCs) which make use of LED technologies and have a number of environmentally friendly benefits.

Long lasting

High efficiency LEDs have a lifespan 10 times longer than that of traditional lighting types. What this means is that it would need to be replaced less and therefore creates less waste. As a result fewer dead LEDs make their way on to landfills and the rippling effects are quite significant. For example, the associated production and transportation energy savings are huge due to the need for less replacement lights to be manufactured.

For additional proof of this, it is advised to ask your commercial signage company to provide you with the related certificates which detail the energy efficient technology its signs have.

Energy consumption

Today, LEDs use less than half the energy of LEDs produced just 3 years ago and these energy efficiency gains are made constantly. In addition, improvements in design have also been made by EMC manufacturers which has seen a decrease in energy needs by nearly 60%.

When looking for EMC manufacturers or suppliers, opt for ones which have been UL certified for energy efficiency. In your selection process, it is best to compare the energy requirements of a particular sign based on size and energy consumption at full power. Signs which do not require any form of cooling and have an automatic dimming feature based on time of day is best to select as these all contribute to energy savings.

Recycling benefits

Unbeknown to many, quite a number of the components which make up an EMC can be recycled when the sign has officially reached its expiry date. These components include aluminium, polycarbonate plastics, copper and more surprisingly, gold. Furthermore, due to the manufacturing process used, opportunities to reduce and recycle scrap from production are already created at this stage.

It is best to ask your supplier about what components their supplied signage is made up of and also how they recommend these signs be disposed of when they have reached the end of their lifespan. Don’t forget to enquire about the practices used at the manufacturing plant to reduce, recycle and save energy. By knowing this, you can rest assured that by erecting a product of theirs, your company has made a considerate impact on the environment, with little, or no effort on your part.