How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

More and more the trend is to become more environmentally conscious. We have separate rubbish bins to collect paper, glass and plastic, we drive hybrid vehicles and we have even switched to eco-friendly appliances at home.

However, the average person spends 42 hours a week at the office. To put this in perspective, this is 25 percent of their lives that they spend at work. So in order to really become environmentally-friendly, we need to start going green in the office too.

The only major issue that companies have about going green is that this cannot hamper the employees’ productivity and it definitely cannot hamper company performance levels. So how do you go green without it affecting the bottom line? Here are five easy to implement tips:

Turn off all equipment when you leave at the end of the day: An action as simple as turning off a 75-watt desktop monitor when you leave at night can save as much as 340 kilograms of carbon emissions a year. An easy way to turn off all the computers is by having a power strip plug that turns off all equipment – including the office water dispensers and coffee maker – when the last person leaves the office. Just make sure that you power down the printer correctly, as they need to seal their cartridges before shutting off.

Replace disposable cups and plates with reusable ones: Have everyone in the office bring in their own mugs and water glasses from home instead of using paper cups for water, tea and coffee every day. An office that has ten people replacing their paper cups three times a day with a washable and reusable mug will save 7 500 paper cups from being purchased and being tossed. This step will save the company money and lower their carbon emissions.

Go paperless where possible: Do not print an email or document if you do not have to. Instead, archive and save it on your desktop. Furthermore, send contracts and documents via email and if you are required to sign anything, be sure to do so electronically and avoid having to print and fax off agreements. While few offices can go completely paper-free, most can cut down on their printing projects to the bare essentials.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products: Many of the toxins that people are exposed to on a regular basis come from the cleaning products sold to clean, sanitise and deodorise home and businesses. Make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products and save the environment and your staff members health at the same time.

Encourage recycling at the office: Instead of throwing away lunch bags, packaging boxes or plastic bottle encourage your employees to recycle these products. Setup recycling bins in the office and encourage your staff members to make use of them. Recycling helps conserve natural resources by reusing materials from broken, worn and discarded items.

Going green does not mean that we need to change our lives completely. By embracing the small things, like using mugs instead of plastic cups or switching off your computers at night. Ensure that you make the switch and become more environmentally conscious today.