Take Out A Green Loan

We all know what a loan is and why sometimes we need one. However, do we know what a green loan is? Before you go Googling a ‘green loan’, it is not a real loan, but rather a term associated with lending money for green improvements.

So what exactly is a green improvement and why do we need it?

The concept of ‘going green’ is not a new one. However, with the current global carbon emissions at an all-time high, the environmental society has refocused their efforts in creating a greener environment. The problem that most people face, with the recession still in full swing, is that they lack the financial capabilities to make the shift to environmentally-friendly products.

This is where a ‘green loan’ comes into the equation. Green loan, similar to personal loans, allow you the opportunity to apply for a sum of cash – between R100 000 and R150 000, depending on your needs – and invest in eco-friendly items.

What can you spend this money on? Here are three ways you can upgrade your lifestyle with a green loan to become more environmentally conscious:

Number One – Upgrade Your Home

There are three major ways in which you can go green at home: insulation, upgrades and additions.

One – Insulation: Adding insulation padding in the roof, flooring and walls ensures that the heat generated in a home stays in the home. Because hot air moves towards cooler areas, if your home has any cracks in the window frames, doors, ceiling or walls the hot air will escape, ensuring that use more electricity to keep an area warm.

Two – Upgrades: When replacing items, search for eco-friendly products. Whether recycled wood for flooring or cupboards or energy-efficient products, these items will help lower your carbon footprint.

Three – Additions: A common misconception that people make is that little items – cellphone chargers, light bulbs and other appliances – do not use much energy. While they do not use as much as larger items like a geezer or oven, the small items account for nearly fifteen percent of your monthly electricity bill. Ensure that you switch to energy-efficient light bulbs and remove all appliances, like phone chargers, and turn off plugs when not in use.

Number Two – Upgrade Your Vehicle

A vehicle is something that gets us from point A to B. In the past the major demand was that it did not break down and it did not cost an arm and a leg to refill. However, since we have become more environmentally conscious, we have started to demand more of our vehicles.

So what are the benefits of having a ‘green’- or hybrid- car? There are two major benefits when upgrading to a hybrid:

One – Lower petrol costs: A hybrid vehicle is able to travel further, on the same tank of petrol, than a non-hybrid vehicle. Vehicle hybrid uses electricity to drive. The engine only produces the amount of energy required to drive the vehicle forward.

Two – Lower carbon emissions: Hybrid vehicles can reduce your carbon emissions by up to fifty percent. This effectively ensures you can drive double the distance for the same amount of carbon emissions from a non-hybrid vehicle.

Number Three – Upgrade Your Office

Going green at the office is simple and easy. Here are three green tips for the office:

One – Remove plastic cups: Instead of having plastic cups stationed at the office water cooler, replace these cups with reusable glass ones. This way the employees will not throw cups away after each use, saving you money in the process.

Two – Recycling bins: Have recycling bins for: plastic, paper, glass and cardboard. Having separate bins will help recycling companies sort the waste into reusable commodities.

Three – Change the lights: Replace normal light bulbs with the energy-efficient light-emitting diode ones (LED). These lights use twenty-five percent less electricity and last up to ten times longer. Remember to turn the lights out when no one is in the room.

Going green has become a lifestyle change. The problem is that these changes require funding. Taking out a loan will pay for these expenses and with the savings that you make by going green, you will recover the costs within no time. Go green and live an environmentally conscious lifestyle.


Image Attribution: OnlyHotTopics