Eco-Friendly Foods

Nowadays, there are numerous environmentally friendly food products that you can purchase in stores near you. Also, there are several good reasons why you should rather consume such “green” products. Eco-friendly food products are always much healthier, and you will discover that buying green products will benefit you in numerous other ways as well. There are countless free-range meat products and organically grown tinned food to choose from these days. This article explores why eco-products are the best choice for you.

With eco-friendly food products, there are no added hormones, antibiotics or any other growth chemicals used to encourage the growth of the food item in question. Various growth chemicals and hormones can help animals to grow much larger, much faster. Then again, these chemicals can have serious negative effects on the human body if consumed. Luckily, any eco-friendly food products are completely free of any side effects.

Also, if you buy “green” food products, you can be certain that the food you are eating is safe. A number of common animal diseases during the past 10 years have been the result of animals eating feed made from other ground-up animal parts.

Animals that are farmed for eco-friendly food production, is also treated much more ethically and humanely than mass-produced animals. Instead of raising animals in a battery farm, eco-friendly products are made from animals that were grown in a far better environment, and by natural means only.

Once you see meat products with “free-range” or “ranch-raised” labels, you can be sure that these animals were left to roam free, as animals should. Products with such labels promote the natural growth of animals without shutting them up in cages or enclosures.

Eco-friendly vegetable products are typically grown without the use of fertilisers or chemicals that improve or quicken growth. Something that not a lot of people are aware of is that manure can also be harmful when overused. Smaller farms usually use manure to grow the vegetable products naturally, while industrial farms actually overuse manure, which can lead serious health problems.

Sustainable, green farms employ natural processes to help plants and animals grow. Animal manure is typically used to help the plants grow, which implies that chemical fertilisers are completely removed from the equation.

The use of chemical herbicides, pesticides and biocides does not only harm the environment, it also harms anyone who ingests these food products. Environmentally-friendly foods are all grown using completely natural herbicides and pesticides. These natural deterrents are guaranteed to kill any insects or weeds without being absorbed into the food they are intended to protect.

Battery farming does not only use unethical and inhumane methods of raising livestock, they also put a tremendous strain on the environment by using a lot of natural resources. Producing, processing, marketing, packaging, and transporting food all require a great deal of fuel and energy. The damage done by factory farms is significantly higher than that of an eco-friendly farm.