How to increase employee engagement in the construction industry

With any career, there are moments where employees feel disengaged and unmotivated. However, in some cases, it is more detrimental to the company, especially in jobs that require you to use physical skills and stamina. As much as construction managers know this, they still struggle to come up with solutions on how to improve employee engagement. Here are a few tips:

Hire the right people for the job


In construction, the type of people you want to hire are not necessarily the ones who have their CVs filled with qualifications, skills and experience but rather the ones who are willing to put in the time, learn, grow and make a difference in the industry. You need to hire people who are vibrant and are willing to grow their skill set. In such a practical, hands-on industry, construction employers should look at dynamic members that can add value. Otherwise, the wrong people will quickly cost you time and money.

Have good leaders that set the example


Leaders are people who inspire others to be better. They should be the ones who are teaching their employees the ropes and are setting an example of the change they expect to see. This example can be in a variety of different ways, for example, in the work they do, in how they treat their fellow colleagues, how they clean up after themselves and how much initiative they take on jobs. When this kind of interaction happens in the workplace, it naturally fosters a culture of higher engagement and interaction. When managers get involved, be it through training, guidance or general interaction, employees become more focused. In turn, this type of attitude increases overall productivity.


Give employees the tools they need to succeed


This can be anything from training and professional development to up-to-date equipment and tools that can help people do the job better. This website ( offers a wide range of construction equipment and mobile cranes, with the latest advancements to help your staff work more efficiently.


People want to progress and make a change. If you want to help your employees achieve that, you need to provide them with the correct training and tools to do so. When you spend time on training, performance monitoring and feedback, it makes your employees more valuable to your organisation.


This point goes hand-in-hand with making sure that managers have the right training. If you expect employees to perform well, the managers who are delegating the tasks then need to be just as up to scratch on the latest training techniques and methods to be able to best perform a task. This will help them in supervising employees and assisting employees wherever they go wrong. When companies invest in training as a whole, it helps your leaders set a good example for everyone around them.


Make employees feel valued


You should show your employees where they fit into the bigger picture. When people feel valued, they automatically feel engaged and are willing to go the extra mile. Remember that any company’s biggest asset is their people, and if they clearly matter so much then why not show them.

Start by giving them a clear indication of where they fit into your current business strategy and how they can grow within the company. When things are going well, take the time to thank your employees for their hard work. Perhaps even reward them. It doesn’t need to be financially, it could be something as small as letting them go home earlier. These are the small things that will make your employees feel valued.

Keep things transparent


When employees start seeing loopholes in projects because of poor communication, they start to distrust you. One thing employees hate is beating around the bush. Be transparent with them, respect and appreciate them. Employees spend their days helping you achieve your business goals, so the least you can do is be honest and truthful with them. Another tip is to make sure that management is approachable. If ever you need suggestions or assistance on specific jobs, employees who take initiative will always be willing to help. But, if you slam them down, they will quickly start becoming demotivated.

Encourage flexibility


As mentioned, the construction industry is highly versatile and it offers a variety of different positions in which employees can thrive. Sometimes it helps to allow employees explore different avenues within the company. If they enjoy something, naturally they will start to become more enthusiastic about their role. This type of flexibility will significantly increase employee engagement because they are getting the opportunity to explore something new and different. And in turn, they are adding value to the company.


Socialise and have fun
This is one of the most important tips. Life is short and business doesn’t have to be as serious as everyone makes it out to be. When things quiet down, take the time to connect with your employees over a social event or just at the office. You never know what struggles your employees could be going through, so take the time to lighten things up and add some excitement to their lives.