You CAN help Earth go green

Don't forget to recycle!The fight for a ‘green’ future for our planet is happening all across the globe. Journalists are writing about environmental issues and experts are debating sustainable solutions. Even well-known public figures are getting involved.

Rather than encourage everyone to do their bit, the plethora of information available could be achieving exactly the opposite. That’s because many people are left feeling that their small contribution can’t possibly make a difference.

This is not true. No effort is wasted in creating a more sustainable environment for everyone to live in. You can bring about change and it’s easier than you think too:

1.       Recycle or reuse.

Find out where recycling hubs are in your town or city and start using them. Alternatively, use old items in your home in new ways or host evenings where you and friends get together to swop things you no longer use.

2.       Rethink your garden.

Replace as many shrubs in your garden as you can with ones that require little water. Plus remember to only water your garden early morning or late evening.

3.       Plant a tree.

Trees are essentially Earth’s lungs – they produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Without them, we won’t be able to exist. Add a tree to your garden or make it a community project and redo the neighbourhood.

4.       Skip the bottled water.

Plastic bottles take years to decompose. Install a water filter in your kitchen and use glass water bottles instead.

5.       Educate yourself and others.

You don’t have to be a fully-fledged tree hugger. Simply read articles or listen to the news. Share your knowledge when going green comes up in conversation. If you have children, teach them the importance of going green.

6.       Switch to electronic banking.

If you haven’t done so yet, make the move to doing your banking online. When you go into the bank, paperwork is involved. Statements that are mailed to you are printed on paper. Electronic banking cuts out all the paper.

7.       Volunteer.

Offer your time or skills to organisations that are involved in eco-friendly endeavours. Most people will be more than happy to accept assistance.