Solar Water Heating Systems

It can become rather pricey to heat your house with electricity or gas. Because of this, people are beginning to consider alternatives technologies to help them save money. Solar water heating systems are one such alternative, green technology. An additional bonus of solar powered heating systems is that they use a renewable energy source. For these reasons alone, a solar water heating system simply makes more sense than wasting money on utility bills.

Solar water heating systems are available in either active or passive heating systems. These terms simply refers to by what means the water is warmed within the system. As the name implies, a passive system requires much less equipment than active heating systems. Moreover, passive systems also do not require the water to be move a lot, whereas active systems move water more frequently.

A passive solar water heating system does not comprise of any moving parts and needs nothing more than solar energy to function. The water system is essentially a tank on the roof. It should also be in a position where it receives direct sunlight for most of the day. These tanks are generally painted black and made of a metal, which conduct the heat as well as anything will. Essentially, the tank is where the water gets heated. From there, the heated water is pumped to wherever it is needed in the house.

On the other hand, an active solar heating system needs an additional electric energy source. The active system employs solar panels to gather the solar energy, which is then stored in a battery block. This battery then sends the power to an electrical heating system (geyser) that warms up the stored water.

Both these solar water heating systems will help reduce your energy expenses. Then again, with the unpredictability of sunshine, passive systems usually require some form of back-up system, just in case there isn’t enough solar power available.

On the whole, any type of solar water heating system is going to reduce your reliance on energy sources which are rapidly becoming exhausted. Solar energy is said to be the most promising option as an alternative form of energy that is plentiful, free and easy to gather. Another great thing is that the system will pay for itself over time. So, if you’re serious about getting one of these water heating systems, consider taking out a personal loan to cover the expenses at first. Your savings on energy will certainly refund the loan in no time.