Create an Eco-friendly Home

Countless new homeowners are aware of the numerous benefits a green home offers, but there is an additional range of advantages that most people will never be aware of. It has been projected that approximately 15 per cent of all new homes built in the forthcoming years will be ecologically friendly homes.

So, what precisely is a green home? It is in fact rather simple – A green house is simply a house that much consideration went into, regarding the materials used and construction techniques implemented. The emphasis usually lies on the materials used, since any construction materials used should be sustainable and void of any residual toxins. The reason for this being that most families have contaminated air inside their homes, because of the construction materials used to build their house. By removing the chemicals that are usually present in the building materials, you prevent any air pollution inside the house.

A further focus of a green house is to uses less electricity (energy), or to incorporate the use of renewable energy sources into the design of the home. Nowadays, you frequently see green home designs that are partly powered by solar energy. These designs also characteristically use sun light for lighting and heating the house. Sunlight can not only be used as heat and light sources, but sunlight can also be employed to heat water for household use. These green technologies might be quite expensive at first, which is why it might be necessary to take out a personal loan. But then again, the saving you’ll make on electricity bills should recompense the loan in no time.

Other than these abovementioned benefits, Green home construction offers even more financial advantages. Scores of insurance companies are now encouraging people to build green houses as much as they conceivably can. People who build green homes can now receive discounts on their homeowners insurance and mortgage fees. This practice has been implemented to add incentive to green construction movement. As more individuals start to move towards green construction, businesses will also add incentive programs that are focused on green construction.

For the above listed motives, green house are usually more expensive once they hit the market. Many new-age homeowners prefer to live in green homes, and would therefore rather pay more for the house, and less on energy expenses. Since some governments have introduced legislature that would encourage green construction by means of tax returns and other reasons, more new home buyers are purchasing green homes.

Green homes also offer greater efficiency appliances, which includes electrical systems and plumbing. These homes also typically employ drought defying landscaping, which further reduce water consumption. These buildings also use recycled materials. This basically means that glass that is collected through recycling efforts is re-used, rather than polluting our Earth. Either recycled or organic insulation is used, as well as paints that don’t produce harmful chemicals.

O, now that you know that Green homes are packed with benefits, will you take the leap to colour your home green – I know I am.