The Top Green Jobs

As a child growing up, you are constantly bombarded with the question,” what you want to be in life”. The typical response is a fireman, policeman or doctor. However, times change and so do you. Instead of following the usual path of an accountant, lawyer or even a psychologist, why not move with the trend and study towards an eco-friendly career?

Here are the top four green jobs:

Marine Biologist: One of the major concerns of marine biology is safeguarding the environment for marine animals. Marine biologists know that the animals, their food sources and their own livelihood depend on water quality. These scientists are the first to pick up on environmental hazards that may potentially have an impact on the areas wildlife, and lead the way for clean-up efforts in lakes, rivers and streams.

Urban Planning: Studying urban planning is about designing and developing efficient, aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly communities. Developments have a large impact on the environment and some urban planners’ aid decision makers on policies for business developments and zoning within communities. Other types of green urban planners are responsible for designing fuel efficient transportation routes for public transport vehicles.

Forest Ranger: In the same way as the Marine biologist looks out for the sea, the forest ranger does the same on land. These rangers are usually employed in state or national park organisations, and they are trained to identify and lessen any risks to the areas forest life, plant life, wildlife and human visitors.

Sustainability Systems Developer: The green industry needs specialised software developers and engineers who design, build and maintain the networks or sensors and stochastic modelling that reinforce wind farms, smart energy grids and other systems substituting intelligence for natural resources.

Forgo the usual career trends and explore exciting and challenging career options with an environmental conscience. These courses tend to be more expensive, so look at personal loans in South Africa  available to students to follow your dream of becoming an environmentally conscious worker.