Simple DIY Fixes for Your Garden

lrg_small_garden1_01Everyone likes having a piece of green to call their own, a slice of nature to spend time in. However, that doesn’t mean you want to spend hours every day looking after it, or a fortune on landscaping services to do so for you.

Have a yard you can be proud of with these few simple, budget-friendly tricks you can do yourself.

Tidy up

One of the biggest changes you can make to a yard is simply tidying it up. Don’t bother doing anything else in the yard if this simple step isn’t taken care of. Pull out those weeds, rake up the dead leaves and twigs, and trim the overgrown greenery. If your garden has gotten seriously out of control, plan your sprucing up in bite size chunks of an hour here and there.

Paint your garden furniture

Furniture tends to wear our quickly outside. However, you don’t have to throw out your tired-looking furniture and spend money on brand new pieces to give your yard a fresh look. Simply work with what you have and repaint your pre-existing furniture. It can be fun going for bright cheerful colours in the yard, like purple, red or yellow.

Lay down mulch

Brighten up your flower beds and lawn with some mulch, free from pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Mulch helps to suppress weeds, insulate the soil, retain moisture, and reduce erosion. You can lay down a layer of mulch just once a year, and as it gradually breaks down it’ll also contribute nutrients to your garden. A few bags of mulch aren’t expensive, and you can even make your own.

Fix your fences

A fence in good condition can be an attractive feature in any garden. If you don’t have a wall, a fence is especially useful to set up a boundary. And if you have children or pets, you can put up a fence to demarcate divisions in your yard. It’s not difficult to put up your own fence, and various wooden poles can be bought at a very affordable cost.

Xeriscape your garden

If you like having a splash of colour in your garden, but don’t care for the maintenance work of having an intricate flower bed, then a xeriscaped garden will suit you well. Xeriscaping is gardening or landscaping that uses drought resistant plants that don’t need much watering, as well as other low maintenance features like rocks and paving.

This kind of garden doesn’t need to look like a desert interspersed with a few cacti – there are many interesting and colourful plants you can choose from. You don’t have to transform your entire yard though. A small section or even just a few pot plants in the place of a high-maintenance flower bed will do.

You can reinvigorate your yard without big investments of time and money. A weekend is probably all you need to implement these tips yourself. And remember, once you’ve gotten your garden into the shape you want, it only takes a little bit of effort here on out to keep it maintained.