How green waste disposal works

Getting rid of waste is extremely important. And, indeed, it can be financially beneficial. Consider that institutes have estimated “that the world could save $2.9 trillion annually just by eliminating wasted energy”. The reasons for this are complicated, but can be shown with a few demonstrations from major companies.

The Ecopreneurist lists:

“General Electric waste initiatives generated $100 million in cost savings for the company’s bottom line while yielding a portfolio of 80 new products and services that generated $17 billion in annual revenues (greenhouse gas emissions were also reduced by 30%).”

“Yahoo saves 60% of its electricity costs by opening the doors and windows where its servers are located and letting the hot air out.”

Wal-Mart issued an edict to its distributors demanding that they reduce their packaging by 5%. As a result, the retail giant is now saving $3.4 billion a year in waste disposal costs.”

But even we as individuals can do better, by recycling. The article indicates that “recycling has been credited with producing 1.1 million jobs and grossing over $236 billion in revenues. This means that, for every 10,000 tons of waste that are recycled, around 36 new jobs are created.” Continue reading “How green waste disposal works”