About Us

In searching for new solutions to our planet’s current environmental crises, we don’t think you need to stop wearing shoes, throw away the razor and live in a tree. Rather, we appreciate when people make a personal decision to hold themselves accountable for their part in our planet’s fate, and do something practical about this.

Instead of resenting our peculiar and challenging place in history, we appreciate the chance we have in designing the future we can imagine for ourselves and future generations.

To achieve that vision, however, we don’t believe in pointlessly attacking institutions and systems – simply adding to the noise and inciting dissemination. We feel that criticism should be constructive, and opinion reasonable. Rather than trying to destroy the system, we hope to be a part of recreating the system from within, for constant improvement.

And so, this is not the place for blind condemnation, or senseless ranting, but for careful research, intelligent insight, and fair and balanced suggestion. Instead, we aim to be informative about the latest in environmental news, opinion and innovation.

We are especially interested in how by researching, developing and implementing sustainable endeavours, businesses are redefining the market place – creating a revolutionary space of idea-sharing and creative problem-solving. Also, we’re interested in new technologies and scientific research that reinvents how things are currently done, so as to be more sustainable and redefine and improve how we understand the world around us.

Finally, we want to hear from you! If you have some news you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would like to invite freelance writers to contribute their thoughts and businesses to alert us to innovations they’re making regarding sustainability issues. We care about the planet, and we know you do too.



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