Why create an eco-friendly play area


Having an outdoor play area for your children is important for their healthy development. They will be able to play outside in the fresh air, explore nature and enjoy the warmth of the sun. And you can make this play area even better for them by making it eco-friendly.

Not only will you be teaching them the value of recycling and reusing, but you will also be creating an exciting play area for your children to enjoy. Be sure to include a DIY jungle gym for extra motor development and fun, and you will soon have a fabulous outdoor space for your children to enjoy. Below are just some of the reasons why you should create an eco-friendly play area.

It will teach your children

There is nothing better than teaching your children valuable life lessons in a way that they will understand and enjoy. Caring for our environment is so important and teaching your children to appreciate it and look after it will help future generations to save the environment too.

Creating an eco-friendly play area with a DIY jungle gym and other recycled equipment will show them the value of recycling and how it can be fun to make something new out of something old. You should look into teaching them why and how they can make play equipment out of objects that are no longer used, such as creating an obstacle course using old tyres. They will learn the value of recycling and see how fun it can be.

It helps you to reuse items

Eco-friendly play equipment allows you to reuse items that you might otherwise have thrown away.  By reusing these items you are lessening your impact on the environment and you are reducing the amount of waste you are producing each month.

You might also have items in your garage or in your garden that are not quite ready to be thrown away. You can repurpose them as play equipment and save yourself from having to spend extra money on toys and accessories. For example, you could repaint a wheelbarrow, fill it with sand and create the perfect raised garden bed for your children to plant flowers in. Or you could use timber to build steps up into the tree branches so your children can easily climb trees in your yard.

They provide interactive play

Most eco-friendly playgrounds are outdoors, which means that there is more opportunity for children to engage in interactive play. This can be done by providing different play elements, such as a DIY jungle gym which you build together, a tyre obstacle course and a sandbox for creative play.

Outdoor eco-friendly play equipment is not as static as other equipment, which means that it can provide an interactive experience for children. They can make mud pies with their friends (delicious, we’re sure) and spend hours on wooden jungle gyms playing pretend. Interactive play is highly beneficial for your child’s development, which is why you should invest in an eco-friendly, outdoor play area.

There is less impact on the environment

When you buy eco-friendly play equipment such as wooden jungle gyms, you are buying something that has less impact on the environment. It is not made with harmful chemicals and does not use wasteful manufacturing processes.

You are helping to decrease the impact on the environment, which means that your children will have an environment to enjoy in the future. Look for equipment that is made from recycled plastics and items that have been repurposed into new equipment. To lessen your impact, you can shop smart and look for options that have been created specifically from “green” products.

The equipment is non-toxic

One of the major benefits of DIY jungle gyms, repurposed tyre obstacle courses and other eco-friendly play equipment is that it is non-toxic. Which is fantastic because children are constantly touching the surface of the playground equipment and need a playground that will not harm them or make them sick.

This allows your children to play easily without having to worry about touching dangerous surfaces but you will need to be sure of what is in the equipment exactly. Look for wooden jungle gyms, plastic accessories made from recycled rubber or engineered wood fibre. Non-toxic equipment will also have less of an impact on the environment as it will not harm the soil or water surrounding the play area.

Create a safe and holistic space

Playing is something that every child does throughout their lives. And they should be able to pay in a space that is safe and enjoyable, which is why an eco-friendly play area is an ideal solution. It can teach your children how to value their environment while allowing you to reuse items that were simply wasting away in your garage or storage room. It will also allow for more interactive play and has less impact on the environment.