5 ways to spruce up your outdoor furniture


Having a balcony or patio attached to your property is a great asset to have as part of your living space. It’s an area where you can go to relax and re-centre yourself while still in the comfort of your own home.

Usually, with these amazing outdoor spaces, we invest in patio furniture to make it more “homey” on the outside. It also makes it easier to relax when there’s something to sit or lie back on. But homeowners don’t use their outdoor space every day. Especially in the colder and more miserable seasons. And, as a result, those once beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture don’t look as good by the time they want to take out a book and read in the garden.

Don’t let your backyard, porch or balcony space go to waste. Summer is around the corner and you’re going to want to be out in the sun and enjoying the fresh air every day. It’s time to spruce up your outdoor furniture and start getting excited for sunny days.  

Treat your wooden furnishings

For a quick and visible pick-me-up for all of your wooden outdoor furniture (including your garden deck if you have one), you will need to treat your wood.

Wooden structures can last a long time and are durable to most weather conditions, but it shows when they never receive any TLC. Start by sanding down any frayed or splintered pieces of wood. Then you need to apply two things, first a stain to enhance the colour of the wood, and a sealant to keep it water-resistant and long-lasting.

By simply doing this, you will bring life back into your wooden furnishings. Add a few pillows to your wicker chairs, find decorative potted plants for your wooden table and you’ll be ready and waiting for those summer days.

A DIY paint job

Sometimes you simply need a change in colour palette to make you excited about your outdoor space again. When buying an entirely new patio set isn’t an affordable option, all you need to do is buy paint in the colour you want and start your DIY paint job project.

This gives you the freedom to change your outdoor décor as often as you like and to make it relevant with whichever outdoor design trends are current. It’s fun to do and a great paint job will instantly change the way your space looks and feels. And there’s no limit to what furniture you can paint. Except for outdoor seating cushions. It would be better to buy new couch throws and covers in that case.  

Slipcovers for your couches

While we’re talking about covers, your outdoor couch set might be looking tattered and worn. Which is only fair considering that it spends all of its time outside. This would be when you would buy slipcover couches for sale and bring them out in the summertime when being outside is called for.

Slipcover couches available in South Africa won’t only make your outdoor seating look brand new, but it will effortlessly add to the décor of your outside space. You can be creative with colours, textures and designs on slipcovers and it’s so easy to, well, slip them on and off as you see fit. You would only need to make sure that you keep them clean and remove them during the “off-seasons” so that they are an investment and asset to your outdoor living space.

A throw or two

A quick, easy and affordable way to add colour and patterns to any living space (inside or outdoors) is with couch throws. Throw pillows and blankets add layers to a room and will complement your couch covers. More than their décor function, however, throws add the element of cosiness outside and can make your outside space usable in cooler weather.

You will want to spend all your free time lounging about when there’s a large pillow or fluffy blanket to keep you warm and comfortable.

Add lights

If you want to make your outdoor space available for summer days and nights, you’re going to need to add some lighting. This way you can enjoy your newly painted, outdoor slipcover couches and stained wooden furnishings all day.  

For mood lighting, you can hang a featured pendant or outdoor chandelier fixture in the middle – if your outdoor space has a roof structure from which it could hang. Otherwise, you can use wall-mounted lights and fairy lights along the balcony or railing structures to create a calming and cosy atmosphere amongst the throw pillows and gentle summer breeze.

Start deciding on your colours schemes and find the furnishings you want to use to spruce up your outdoor furniture to take advantage of this wonderful space.