Why your farm needs a tractor


Working around the farm is incredibly physical and taxing to the body… unless you have a tractor to do all the hard work for you. Tractors can be extremely versatile and handy equipment to have around the farm. It makes work less strenuous and tasks are completed quicker (despite the association of tractors being “slow” when you’re stuck behind them on the road).

It’s the best agricultural equipment investment for your farm, especially if you cannot afford larger items of equipment that are task-specific and require more complex operation and handling.

Tractor attachments and duties

The main reason why you need a tractor for your farm is the fact that you can have a variety of attachments attached to your tractor as a base and be able to perform a variety of tasks with one main machine. The attachments you’ll most likely be using the most are:

  • Loaders: Front-end loaders are more heavy-duty and costly attachments, so, before you invest in one, make sure your tractor can handle it. But if you do a lot of road grading and cleaning out of livestock houses, then a loader will be your saving grace. Front loaders along with box blades are useful tools for road grading and maintenance.
  • Rotary cutters: Who really enjoys mowing the lawn anyway? Not to mention an entire farm’s fields? Attaching a rotary cutter will make quick work of this, otherwise, tedious yet necessary task.
  • Spreaders: Having your spreading equipment attached to your tractor will make spreading your seeds and fertiliser a much easier and quicker task. Pull it behind your tractor and let it do your thing as you cruise around your farm.
  • Forks: Having a fork attached to the front of your tractor will make your farm vehicle able to forklift goods on a pallet and even transport large hay bales to where you need them. Easy to put on and easy to take off for the next set of attachable equipment.  
  • Rotary tillers: These can be fastened to the power take-off shaft (PTO) of the tractor designed for sending power from the engine to the rotary equipment. And there you have your tillage jobs and your soil taken care of.
  • Post-hole digger: Another attachment for your tractor’s PTO that will, essentially, replace any labour done with a shovel. This tool with help you prepare to build a fence, plant trees or an outdoor deck.  

Then there are the extra attachments to build on your collection, which includes:

  • Backhoe: Backhoes are incredibly useful additions that will most certainly help out any farmer that’s just starting out. Troughs, field lines, drainage, foundation building, plant and earth removal and creating water lines are a few jobs that can be managed with this tractor add-on and will most certainly be quicker and safer than manual construction labour.
  • Middle buster: This is your single-blade ploughing extension that can also be used for furrowing, breaking up soil, clearing drainage ditches and creating water runoff areas for crops. A small attachment taking on large tasks and making it look super easy.
  • Boom pole: Not many farmers will find a use for a boom pole, especially if they have a front fork to carry and transfer items. But the boom pole can be useful when there are large poles, other farm equipment, feeding drums and tractor attachments that need to be moved. It’s kind of like a miniature crane for farm, instead of construction, purposes.

Just keep in mind that the equipment you end up adding to your tractor will depend on the type of farm you run and which tasks are more relevant to you.

Considerations before buying

Now that you know how much you can get done around the farm in half the time and effort, you need to know these few considerations before you buy a tractor and all its handy attachments.

  • Hitches: These are extremely important to take note of when tractor-browsing. Without attachment hitches, you won’t be able to benefit from the different attachments we’ve just mentioned. A three-point hitch is the most useful and includes a hydraulic lift, then there are drawbar and specialised hitches as well.
  • PTO: The power take-off is important for your rotary attachments and equipment that requires more power to operate. Usually it has its own horsepower rating from the tractors engine.
  • Hydraulics: Having hydraulic power in your tractor won’t only make steering easier, but it will aid your lifting attachments, such as your backhoes and front-end loaders.
  • Engine: The choice is between gas or diesel, with diesel offering you a little more power. You need to look for a high horse-powered engine that will be able to power all your attachments and carry out the heavy farm work.
  • Tyres: Your tractor’s tyres are famously large and filled with air or heavy fluid to give you the traction you need to carry out the heavy-duty tasks around the farm.

Do whatever it is your need to do to get your tractor and start making farm work a breezier task. Look and apply for a tractor loans for agriculture, it’s an easy process and one you’ll be able to afford and reap benefits from.