The unexpected business benefits of going green


greenThere are so many benefits to taking your business the green route. Ultimately, you do it because you want to help the earth. You understand the way things are going and that you as a business need to do your part by going green. You want to transform your factory and head office to the point where you’re not just “paperless” and recycling lunchtime takeout boxes and packages, but are actively doing your best to make every change possible.

You’ve gone through all the information you can get your hands on about how to go green in your industry. You’ve thoroughly researched what you can possibly do and even looked into plant and machinery finance to help you move to more environmentally-friendly equipment.  

You know all of the benefits of what you’re doing for the environment through and through. However, did you know that there are fringe benefits that you may not have thought of? Obviously your main aim is to create a business where the environment is top of mind. But if you get a few other benefits along with that, there’s nothing wrong with it.

It can help with staff bonding

You may not have thought of this when you started making plans to move your business towards a greener goal, but your staff will respond positively to a green initiative. Your environmentally-conscious staff members will want to get involved as much as they can. They’ll want to do their part to ensure that your business does as much as possible to reduce its carbon footprint. And this common cause will unite your employees. But, of course, you need to do your part to get them excited.

Make an effort to get everyone together to present them with your ideas for a greener future for your business. No, you should definitely not put together a PowerPoint presentation and leave it at that. Invite people to come together to actually discuss going green. Let them have their say. You never know, they may make a valuable contribution.

You should also encourage your staff to come together to further initiatives of their choosing. Nothing bonds a team like picking up rubbish on the beach or ensuring that the local community is doing their best to properly recycle. It doesn’t need to begin and end with the office.   

It’s really good PR

Let’s not pretend that PR doesn’t matter. While you didn’t decide to go green for the good publicity, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Of course, if you’re going to release a press statement about going green and all the environmentally-conscious changes you’re making, you need to be careful. You don’t want to come off as having only done this to boost your reputation. That will have the local business community rolling their eyes. Instead, frame it as a challenge to your competitors to do the same. And it won’t do any harm to add it to your website and outline exactly how you’re making a greener effort.

It will encourage your competition to follow suit

Speaking of challenging your competition to do the same, that’s not just a PR stunt. You can increase the good you’re doing for the environment by encouraging all others in the industry to follow suit. You could even put aside your differences (and fighting over clients) to get together as a whole community of businesses to discuss greener initiatives and share what you’ve been doing. Taking your business the green route is great, but encouraging a whole industry to do the same would make an amazing impact.

It’s a great way to connect the industry as a whole without any competition. You can all learn from each other when it comes to what kinds of systems to put in place to make your businesses greener. As an industry as a whole, you can insist that your suppliers start to take a greener approach in their day-to-day dealings as well.

You can get your clients involved

In fact, while you’re encouraging your competitors and suppliers to get involved in creating a greener industry, why not offer your clients the opportunity to get involved? If your clients get involved in your green initiatives, it’ll offer you more face time with them in a situation where you’re not trying to upsell them and they’re not trying to find a cheaper way of doing things in less time. Inviting your clients to become more involved in environmentally-friendly practices allows you to deepen your relationship with them.

These are obviously not the reasons you want your business to go green. Your main concern is the environment. However, these added benefits can only do your business some good while you’re out there doing some good.