6 reasons to follow a career in agriculture


What type of career is it you would like to pursue? Are you aiming for the popular ones like a doctor, lawyer or an accountant? Have you ever considered becoming a farmer? When thinking about a career choice, many students don’t even consider agriculture as a profession. This is one of those careers where you can actually be really successful.

Many think working in the agriculture industry is an old-fashioned lifestyle and a future with limited opportunities but that’s where you’re wrong. You can achieve great success and grow a sustainable future. As George Washington said, “Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.”

This industry is overlooked by young professionals and recent graduates. But after conducting proper industry research, many came to realise the many benefits of following a career in agriculture. Launching a career in this industry is like exploring a whole new world of how things work and how impossibilities can be achieved through perseverance. So, here are a few reasons you should follow a career in agriculture.

It’s a growing industry

Everyone talks about healthcare and digital marketing as the growing industries but agriculture should be on the list too. The customer demands for agricultural products are growing by the day. Growing demand also means different kinds of agricultural products. Many people today are showing interest in eating healthier, organic and locally-grown foods. So, it’s clear that agriculture is needed. And the industry also had to adjust its processes, because more farmers are selling a higher volume of products.

Different careers to choose from

Much of the work in agriculture revolves around farming. However, there are many other careers available in the industry. You’ll be surprised at what other professions you can follow. Working in the industry doesn’t specifically mean your role will be on the farm. Finance experts are needed to take care of the agricultural finance. They also need marketing and advertising professionals to sell agricultural products to consumers. And also find out what exactly it is the customers want. Are you perhaps studying towards a science degree? Well, scientists are also needed to study the soil, changing weather conditions and conduct genetic research to develop new strains of plants that are resistant to drought. Then, sales professionals also have a space in the agriculture industry. You have to sell products to customers and agricultural equipment to manufacturing companies.

There’s a high demand for farmers

Are you considering a career in farming? Becoming a farmer is one of the many careers you can follow in agriculture. We’re in 2017 and there are already a lot of farming vacancies open. And there will be quite a few more to fill over the next few decades, with potentially high wages for graduates with ambition and vision. In fact, the agricultural sector is in desperate need for new entrants to replace the older generation. So, if you’re an aspiring agronomist or landscape architect, you’re in luck. Your expertise is needed and vital to modern farming.

It’s rewarding

It can be very rewarding to work in the agricultural field. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re making a difference and have a positive impact on those around you. Agricultural professionals are usually passionate and dedicated about what they do. They also want the industry to be successful and prosperous. It’s rewarding knowing that by having an agriculture related career, you’re making a difference. This is also an easy industry to network and make lasting connections with others.

Technological innovation

Agricultural technologies are always evolving to help improve productivity. There’s a demand for higher quality and quantity food and related products. And therefore the agriculture industry is now centred around technological innovation. Industry professionals have invested in research to develop and make changes with the environment in mind. They are now more interested in developing crops that are pesticide-free. Also crops that are resistant to diseases and able to survive in difficult weather conditions. Other recent innovations in the industry include vertical farming to meet growing world food demands and more pro-active efforts to address climate change.

Opportunity to play with different equipment

When following a career in agriculture, you’ll get the opportunity to try out the different equipment. The industry is constantly releasing new equipment, such as air and soil sensors and livestock biometrics. We’re in the 21st century and machinery has become a part of our lives. These machines or equipment will help agriculture in many ways and simply make farming easier.

No matter how crazy or tough the industry gets, a cool head and the ability to think and work under pressure is important. And as an agricultural professional, you’ll not only face changing climates and long days but pressure from both the conventional and organic sides of the industry. But above all, you’ll enjoy it.