5 games to grow your inner farmer


At some point, the farming bug bites us all. It doesn’t matter whether we’re a kid or a grown adult looking for a simple change of life away from the iron clasp of school or dreary office work. The thing is, farming is an incredibly difficult profession that not everyone can do. Thankfully there is a range of farming games that you can sink your spades and pickaxes into without leaving the couch or bed.

Below we list some of the best video games with farming aspects that you won’t need agricultural finance for. And, no, FarmVille and Farming Frenzy will not be included in this list as they really and truly don’t count.

Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons

If you were born in the 80s or 90s, then Harvest Moon was probably your first introduction to farming video games. It hit popularity around the time kids realised they could play Pokemon Gameboy ROMs on their PCs. Harvest Moon started off as a somewhat basic title, but has evolved significantly since then and adopted the Story of Seasons moniker.

Your character is given a rough, overgrown and partially unusable piece of land. It’s your job to clear away all of the rocks and tree logs, plant seeds, look after animals, and grow your farm into something to generate an income. All the while you’ll need to interact with town’s people and make sure everything is planted in the right season.

Farming Simulator

The big daddy of all agriculture video games. Farming Simulator embodies each and every aspect of the simulation genre. The game gives you a farm with a few empty fields, some machinery and silos to do as you wish, well, at least the 2017 version does.

From here you’ll need to plan crops, water them, harvest everything when they’re ready, raise animals, and sell off your goodies to buy more. There’s an incredible amount you can do in the game, but that’s only if you enjoy farming. It’s also a haven for those who are into agricultural machinery and the different brands that accompany it. For everyone else, there’s not much keeping you there.

Stardew Valley

Indie title Stardew Valley takes all of the best parts of Harvest Moon and combines them with a social simulator and dungeon crawling role-playing video game. Following similar roots to Harvest Moon, the game is a love letter to the series, but to the point where you’d think it was an official entry or a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Stardew Valley allows players to upgrade their house, add new facilities, clear out all of the debris and rubble in the farming area, plant crops and plants. It doesn’t stop there as there is a bit of a storyline to the game as well as having players forming relationships with characters, which could end up in marriage, as well as fishing and other activities. If you don’t own the game yet, then you pretty much should go out and buy it right now.


Video gaming sensation Minecraft isn’t just about mining for precious minerals, defending yourself from skeletons riding spiders, or trying to build a replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise, it also includes farming elements. Having to gather resources can become a pain, especially when there’s a rare food you need, but once you have the seeds, it can be planted to your heart’s content.

Minecraft allows you to farm wheat, cocoa, carrots, sugar cane, and more in order to grow a robust or mini farm. With food resources, you can look after animals and craft new materials, or create new foods. Who doesn’t want to eat a cooked pork chop while running away from Creepers on the verge of exploding?

The Settlers

This is probably the oddball on the list, even more so that Minecraft. The Settlers series of video games are robust titles based on warfare and conquering other nations to expand your empire. In doing so you’ll need resources, such as meat and metal, but unlike other strategy games, these have to be mined, smelted, and forced. There’s a lot of processing going into The Settlers.

When it comes to farming, you’ll need to feed your Settlers population. This will require you to find the right land for wheat farms or rice paddies, harvest the resources, and use them for a variety of things. Sure it’s not as involved as Farming Simulator, but without it, your empire would crumble.

Those are just some of the agricultural video games you should get into. Sure, there are quite a few other titles, but these are the absolute best.