Why Chevrolet matters to the environment

The biggest scandal and story for the vehicle industry has been major car manufacturer, VW, cheating on tests to get its cars through inspections. As The Verge reports:

“The EPA revealed in September that special software in some 11 million diesel-powered vehicles was designed to defeat emissions testing, making the cars seem far cleaner and safer for the environment than they actually were.”

This has meant cars that have releasing illegal amounts of dangerous emissions have been allowed on the roads, polluting the atmosphere. Wired sees this as opportunity for the industry to take a harder line with regard to alternate fuel.

“Diesels … deliver better fuel economy and tremendous torque. But the revelation that VW rigged its diesels to emit far less pollution during testing than real-world driving has cast a pall on the technology.

Diesel won’t disappear anytime soon, but its star turn as an eco-friendly alternative to the emissions of gasoline and drawbacks of electrics may be cut short.

Which is great news for hybrids and battery electrics.”

Cars like the Chevrolet Volt are now in the eye of many consumers and motoring enthusiasts, due to its efficiency, impressive handling and general improvements over its predecessors and contemporaries. Yahoo! Autos explains what makes this new vehicle so important.

“What makes the Volt extraordinary is the T-shaped battery pack running down the car’s spine and across under the rear seat. GM has dropped the number of LG-made lithium-ion cells from 288 to 192 while increasing total battery capacity—from 17.1-kilowatt/hours to 18.4. That’s enough, claims GM, to wind total all-electric range up to a full 53 miles.”

Of course, for most people, this and similar hybrid or pure electric cars are unfeasible. This is either due to being too expensive for the average car buyer or existing at a point or city where electric cars just are not supported by any stable infrastructure.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should give up on car buying entirely – or even Chevrolet in general. Local buyers would do well to look at used Chevrolet cars for sale, which are well-made, fuel-efficient and consider other methods to stay green and eco-friendly.

The car itself doesn’t need to do all the heavy-lifting, especially as we’re not at a point where buying the latest, newest cars is an option. Indeed, that so many choose second-hand cars anyway, means that we are better off figuring out how to be eco-friendly in driving rather than in purchasing.