Going green, going cheaper

All businesses and people are interested in trying to find ways to reduce costs. Furthermore, we’re genuinely interested in presenting ourselves as interested in being green. Both aspects have their reasons and incentives but there is also a good way to look at how both can combine into a need mutually beneficial relationship.

As Jan R. Cooke puts it: “Cheap is far more Green than “Going Green” will ever be.” This makes sense on a number of levels. Cooke continues:

When I say I am Cheap not Green, what I am saying is that in EVERY aspect of our life, everything in our home and everything we do, is done with an eye to being cheap.  So due to our cheapness we use a lot less of everything, with the net result being that we end up being far greener than even the dedicated environmentalist.

That is, the mere act of being conservative in your expenses is a way to be caring for the environment. Excess is the death of stability and stability is exactly what we want for our planet.

And there are all sorts of ways to maintain this.

For example, using public transport is both easier in a lot of ways and is less draining on the environment. Instead of 10 individual cars driving to the same area, you can have one larger vehicle transporting all of them.

The way we cook also reflects this. Using less heat, cooking slower, takes less of a toll on the environment too. It also means using less gas and electricity, which itself means less of a toll.

An easy way is to turn things off. Yes, this sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how effective it can be. Whether it’s turning off your geyser when you’re not using it, turning off lights if you wont be back in the room anytime soon.

Care2 also advices that you “wrap your water heater in an insulation blanket [to] save 1,000 pounds of C02 a year”. Again this lasts longer but it also saves a remarkable amount.

Imagine if everyone worked on even a fraction on these cost-saving solutions. That it’s cost-effective should be the way to market this. With these sorts of savings, you’ll be helping the planet but you’ll also find yourself able to pay back that car loan, manage your debit orders, and generally have a better life due to less financial constraint.