What home changes should we make for summer

Summer is, without a doubt, a time for dramatic changes: in our lives, in terms of priorities and in many other important ways. While the Northern Hemisphere experiences record levels of cold, during its typically icy months, the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing heat of very high levels. So, while we aren’t ignoring our Northern friends, we in the South need to be taking some measures against summer. Our homes in particular shouldn’t look the same as they were during winter – both for aesthetic, health and other reasons.


We forget that air isn’t the same as oxygen, despite so many people saying precisely that. As WeatherQuestions.com says:

“Dry air is primarily made up of nitrogen (78.09%) and oxygen (20.95%). The remaining 1% is made up of argon (0.93%), carbon dioxide (0.039% as of 2010) and other trace gases (0.003%). Water vapor (water in its gaseous state) is also present in the atmosphere in varying amounts, by up to 2%.”

So when people say you need oxygen, they’re actually incorrect. What you need then is air. Without air, you will have numerous complications, both in terms of your home and of course your health – and air is particularly problematic during summer when air temperature is so hot.

This can also be aided by improving the kinds of things that comprise our home décor, like proper curtains, non-obstructing objects – or even air conditioners. Anything that can help create flowing air is essential during summer when air hangs stagnant, due to hot air.

Keep electronics cool and at low cost

As mentioned, a good idea to help change your home is to install or run your air conditioner. Of course, air conditioners are costly in terms of the electricity bill. But there are ways to help reduce this. Again, using the décor of the home to actually aid you is useful: like hanging heavy curtains in front of windows to prevent the sun from heating up the house unnecessarily.

Another good option is to use the energy saver option on your A/C instead of turning it off, when you’re not using it. The main reason you don’t want to turn you’re air conditioner off completely is that the air will be much hotter when you decide to return from not being around it: this means you must keep the A/C on longer – or it must work “harder” – to make the levels, of the air and environment, cooler.

Also, use the current summer weather to your advantage. For example, don’t turn the lights on until you absolutely have to. The light from outside can be used for much longer, so we should wait until the last possible moment to use electronic lights.

How about a cold shower: considering the heat, we don’t need to use the geezer as much which often ramps up the bill. Summer affords us a unique opportunity to use less, not more, electricity – so we can still be smart about it all.