Green Security for Your Home

There is no question that your home needs to be protected. However, if you are an environmentally-conscious person, you will not be looking to slap up expensive and non-eco-friendly security systems.

While eco-friendly security systems are harder to find, they are not unheard of and can definitely be implemented into your home – and be just as effective as your regular security systems.

Eco-friendly security systems not only lower your carbon footprint, but also your saves you money as it lowers your electricity bill – which we can all agree on is a good thing.

Here are a few ways in which you can turn your home security systems green:

Environmental controls: Green security systems are able to alert you to temperature leaks, carbon monoxide, water damage and other environmental issues that could be affecting your home.

These security controls will automatically notify you when the temperate rises or lowers drastically – outside of your set parameter -, or when it detects drastic changes or inconsistencies in your home’s eco-system.

LED technology: Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) last much longer and consumer less energy than other light sources. Since it is such an efficient type of light, most security systems will use them for screens and light-based indicators – such as outside-light and motion sensors. Making use of these lights will make a huge difference if your security system feeds off to a security control room equipment station with video footage, as it enables you to quickly pick up intruders and unwanted activity.

Wireless options: Security systems are starting to move towards becoming wireless, allowing you manage the system easier. However, besides being easier to manage, wireless systems are also more environmentally friendly, as they use less electricity. Wireless technology uses less electricity, simply because this technology can power a much larger area than plug-in electrical points.

Go Solar: A simple addition to your outdoor lighting can be use of solar lights on the house or outside in the garden. You will not be using any electricity for these lights, yet you will have illumination for an added sense of security.

Installing new technology in your home might not seem like a ‘green’ thing to do, but it can be done responsibly and in a manner that protects the environment. Technology has come a long way in becoming more efficient and effective, so rest assured that a green security system is a true possibility.

Ensure that you change your security systems to become more environmentally-friendly. It will help you save the environment, lower your electricity bill and still remain fully protected.