Go Green on Your Holiday to Portugal

With an abundance of sunshine, good wine, and fresh fish, Portugal is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. However, can a holiday to Portugal also be eco-friendly?

If you’re environmentally conscious and want to discover Portugal’s greener side, you will be happy to know that from north to south of the country, you’ll find numerous hotels that promote ecological stays, without compromising the comfort and well-being of its guests.

Here are five green hotels to stay in while holidaying in Portugal:

L’AND Vineyards – Montemor, Alentejo

This luxurious resort is one of the finest in Portugal, with amazing views of the natural landscape, and 100 percent eco-friendly. The hotel chooses sustainable farming, energy efficiency, organic food from local sources and environmental qualification. To allow you to always be in contract with Mother Nature, each room has a retracting roof that allows guests to sleep in the comfort of your five star hotel bed and still fall asleep watching the stars.

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel – Lisbon

Right in the heart of the majestic city of Lisbon is the Inspira Santa Marta Hotel. This hotel offers you an eco-friendly stay, without compromising on the comfort. A true ecological inspiration, the hotel has eco-lighting, thermal accumulators, water flow reducers, recycling systems and energy efficient appliances.

Casas do Coro – Marialva, Meda

This unique hotel was built exclusively with recycled and sustainable materials. Casas do Coro is located in the centre of Marialva. The energy consumption if lowered thanks to the use of solar panels, rain water that is collected and reused and organic locally produced food. Stay green and take a walk or bicycle ride around the area and enjoy the sites of this historical village.

Quinta da Bouca d’Arques – Vila de Punche, Viana do Castelo

Located in the North of Portugal, you will find a beautiful property where sustainability and the love of nature are present in every detail. The water comes from natural wells and is reutilised whenever possible, the garden flourishes thanks to a compost system, the pool is chlorine-free and outdoor life is encourage. In order to stay in environmentally friendly, guests are encouraged to use the bicycles, located in a tiny wooden house, to get around the property and around the town.

Casa da Cisterna – Castelo Rodrigo, Figuerigo de Castelo Rodrigo

The Casa da Cisterna is a country hotel that was constructed over an old water reservoir that used to supply water to the entire village. The hotel rooms are all equipped with thermal insulation, wood collected from forest clean-ups and water that is heated through solar panels. The hotel allows you to travel to explore the area on horseback, foot or bicycle. This is a very unique holiday hotel and a very entertaining way of staying eco-friendly.

In order to make the most of your green holiday, ensure that you learn the language via a Portuguese translation service. This way you can interact with the locals and find the best spots to visit.