Water saving tips for the petrochemical industry

Fresh clean water is vital and with the lack of clean water available due to climate change it’s very important that everyone tries to save as much water as possible. Water is not only a life source for humans, but animals and other living things in nature need water to survive.

Without water, we won’t be able to bathe, cook, drink, and our livestock, fruit and vegetables will suffer. This is why it’s so crucial that we find ways to save water within the workplace. The industry is known to be one of the sectors that consume large amounts of water on a daily basis. This is why the industry should start to implement tools which will help them save water, and below are a few helpful tips on how the petrochemical industry can save water.

Do your research about water consumption within your industry

If you’re planning on reducing the amount of water being used in your company, you should find out the benchmark within the industry. When you know the benchmark you can tell whether you’re wasting water or not. However, even if you are below the benchmark, there are still ways your business can reduce the amount of water you use. There are plenty of ways in which your business can reduce its water use. The key thing would be to learn how your business can reuse and recycle non-potable water.

Ensure that a water audit is done

The first step to take when saving water is to have an audit. Having a water audit done can help you understand how you can save water and where you’re using the most water. An auditor will look at how much water you’re actually using, how much is being wasted and how much water is lost if there is a leakage.

Replace all outdated equipment

Purchasing new equipment will benefit your business in more ways than one. Your new equipment will help your business run effectively while also helping you generate more money than when you were using outdated equipment.

As you use equipment over the years, it will begin to work slower and doesn’t do the amount of work it needs to. If you’re using equipment that works with water, it could be that your outdated equipment is using a large amount of water. With new technology, you can find good equipment that not only does the work in half the time but it also saves water.

If you have recently bought new equipment or you can’t afford a replacement at the moment you could modify your equipment and have water saving devices installed. By doing that you can keep your equipment but also save water.

Make sure that you have checked that all kitchen taps and bathrooms have no leaks. Broken taps and toilets can waste a large amount of water without us even realising it, so be aware. If there are any leaks make sure you fix them immediately.

Water treatments are the way forward

Your business can get a sewage water treatment system. A sewage system is a process designed to improve the quality of used water in the industry. The good thing about this treatment is that once the wastewater has gone through reverse osmosis, the industry can reuse the water.

Another benefit when water goes through wastewater treatment is that the water will be drinkable, can supply the industrial area, irrigation and go back to the environment safely. A treatment process available is the industrial sewage treatment, there are many different sewage water treatment methods available for your business to use.


The sewage treatment technologies include the removal of contamination which treats industrial wastewater by removing effluent. The sewage treatment chemical process will allow your business to have access to potable water. Another benefit of wastewater treatment of industrial wastewater is that you decrease pollution, and can be released back into the river and streams.


Even when you have water treatments in place, make sure your business isn’t consuming more water than they did. Always keep an eye out for any leaks inside and outside your area.

Educate your employees

It is vital that you encourage your employees to save water. You can educate your employees and help them find ways where they can use less water and take advantage of the wastewater treatment plant. Include a water saving initiative a water-saving initiative can become a fun task amongst your employees.


A good way of getting your team to work with you is by including them in the process, that way whatever you’re doing is transparent and there aren’t any confusions. Appoint a line manager or supervisor so that they can watch your employees and remind them regularly about the importance of water and why they need to save water.