4 best types of fencing for horses


There are so many things to think about when choosing the type of fencing for your horse. The safety and wellbeing of your horse is extremely important and therefore the type of fencing is very important. Some fencing is simply not safe for horses under any circumstances. These include barbed wire and square mesh. These types of fencing can easily entrap a distressed horse that tries to run through it or jump over it.

Here are four types of fencing that are best to use for horses.

Wooden fencing

Wooden fencing is visible, very strong and durable. It’s a worthy investment to install and only requires general maintenance. Regular repair of the poles and treating of the wood is important. Wooden fencing is a good option as it looks neat and can sustain most weather conditions.


Woven wire is one of the most inexpensive options for fencing. To better the visibility of the wire, it is recommended that you put a PVC board or electric tape on top. This will bring more attention to the fence as well as stop horses from leaning over the fence or jumping over. This method of fencing is effective in keeping horses from trying to eat grass on the other side of the fence. If you put an electric top wire on then it will also prevent the horses from biting or playing with other horses in the neighbouring paddock.


While very visually pleasing, PVC fencing is extremely costly. This plastic fencing option is not as durable as necessary and under force it’ll break easier than wooden fencing. PVC fencing makes for great fencing around arenas, wash bays and smaller box rest paddocks. If you are wanting to use it as paddock fencing then it is recommended to add a wire of electric fencing to the top so that horses quickly realise they cannot lean against the fencing.


Electric fencing can be used by itself or in conjunction with almost any other type of fence. Electric wire and tape are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at most hardware stores. It’s easy to install and adds to the effectiveness and longevity of other fencing materials. It usually takes one encounter with the fence for a horse to stay away from the fence line. Having an electric fence stops horses from chewing or windsucking the top pole, trying to eat grass on the other side of the fence or jumping over the fence.